Open Mic Nights and how they bring people together.

Rust has been running Open Mic Nights for the last year and half. Every Wednesday night from 6:30pm, the local and musicians of Observatory have been crowding in to enjoy live music, cold beer, and great food.

As proprietors of Rust we have watched the ebb and flow of the Open Mic Nights. With each week more and more people come through, familiar names, regulars, and new bright faces all find themselves in the cozy, welcoming, and familiar atmosphere of Rust. For us at Rust, it’s wonderful to watch the growth, see new friendships made, and ongoing love for the local music scene evolve. It’s difficult not to think, that Rust is making a space for local musicians to play and enjoy themselves with little pressure and just pure love for their music.

We pride ourselves in supporting local artists, assisting them in their journey, and hoping the get the exposure they deserve, even if it’s just good friends coming to support.┬áIt has become abundantly clear, and just confirmed what we already knew, that music binds people together. The experiences of watching, listening, enjoying, and sharing, all these social aspects clearly are part of this shared emotional experience.

We sincerely hope the Open Mic Nights continue to grow and become a true establishment in Observatory, drawing people from all over Cape Town, to come experience this shared emotional experience.


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