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Fame & Coffee? Gosh,

We’re really excited as we’ve just been featured in CapeTownetc.. They visited many of the wonderful and awesome places in Obz to have a look at what’s going on here and to highlight some special spots to try out.
Here’s what they had to say about us!


Since we’d cured our sweet tooth before even having had dinner, the afternoon had already thrown order out of the window, so it was time to stop off at the next most fitting place – a bar. Obz’ new spot, Rust, is a brand new type of cool and is bringing an afterwork-drinks flair to the middle of the suburbs. The bar/cafe is so new that they don’t even have menus yet and they’re seeking out what the people want – write down what you’d like on a piece of paper and Rust might just include it on their menu. With the sun just beginning to set, the colder air began to creep in, so a crisp Riot beer in the warm toned, motorcar style bar was the perfect fix.

We’ve been trying out some different menus and if you pop in, you can try what we’ve got on offer and let us know if there’s any food you’d really like us to do.
It’s worth reading the whole article as there are so many amazing places in Obz – you could spend a whole day here trying them out. We totally recommend doing that, it’s a lot of fun and you’re very full at the end of it.

Click here to read the full article in the CapeTownetc

Grand Opening!

Coming soon…

So… with less than a month to go there are more hands on our decks than there are people. Although we’re puzzled by this, we’re not complaining.
Our custom built bar is up and we have installed a “man” to ensure that the bar is always at the right height for our customers.

In keeping with our ethos – everything we make at Rust uses as many recycled materials as possible. Our counter top, which looks frankly amazing, has been lovingly made from the building’s original parquet flooring.

We’ve also been busy meeting with suppliers based locally around Woodstock, Observatory and Cape Town to expand our range of new and exiting craft beers and ales.
We can’t wait for you to try them too.

There’s still a lot of work to be done – you can follow the action here and on our Facebook page