Who we are & What we do.

We are three blokes, between us we have one head of hair and several beards. We like good coffee, great drinks, chilling the heck out with awesome people and rat rods.
We thought it would be several magnitudes more than excellent to create a place where you can come and indulge in all the above and we’re in the process of making it happen in Observatory.

The idea of Rust came from reusing and creating something new from what’s already there. We are taking a giant leap of faith with this endeavour and we’d love for you to leap with us.
We want to bring you incredible African Coffee – farmed here with the beans roasted in Cape Town.
Our House Blend is unique and has been created in conjunction with Rock’n’Roller Coffee to bring something different to your table and right into your face mouth.

The craft beer we’ll serve you will be refreshing and, importantly, local – we’ve partnered specifically with Drifter, Citizen and Breede River who are all based in the Cape and will be bringing you a curated selection of our favourites.
Our Wines and Spirits are also sourced locally – we believe the best is to be had at home so we can bring you; 100% Karoo Agave from La Leona, Wines from the Cape, locally distilled Gin and speciality Tonics.
Our fine range of Scotch Whisky comes from Scotland because that’s the home of a great Scotch.

We’re committed to staying local so that we can support local business, farms, vineyards, distilleries and projects because the best things in life come from the home.
We live here, work here and are creating something right here so that we can help to make everything better. For everyone.